About Mikkeller Færgekroen

Mikkeller breathes new life into iconic Tivoli locationIn one of Tivoli's most picturesque locations overlooking Tivoli Lake, lies Færgekroen, and when Tivoli opens its gates again for the summer season of 2024, it will be with new forces in the kitchen and behind the beer taps at the iconic inn. It is the brewery Mikkeller that has taken over operations, and the goal is to create a cozy dining spot where Færgekroen's traditions and charm go hand in hand with modernized pub fare and Mikkeller's world-famous beer.A classic Danish inn experience with a modern twist. That's the ambition as Mikkeller takes over operations at Færgekroen in Tivoli. The brewery took over the inn at the turn of the year, and work is now in full swing to create a menu, brew special beers, and furnish the premises so that Færgekroen can be ready to welcome Tivoli's guests when the amusement park opens its doors for the 2024 season.

The Classic Inn Experience

The plan is to continue the inn's traditions and classic inn atmosphere while ramping up the quality and ambitions on the plates and in the glasses. There will still be classics like schnitzel, steak tartare, plaice fillet, and open-faced sandwiches on the menu, but the ingredients will, as far as possible, be organic and always of the highest quality, just as everything will be made from scratch. The menu will also offer a range of vegetarian dishes for both lunch and dinner. The decor will uphold the proud traditions of the old inn, and guests will still be able to sit comfortably among platters, high panels, antlers, and large beer mugs. The goal is to create a classic, cozy, and intimate inn experience with a modern touch, where both food and drink are of the absolute top class.

Worth Traveling For

And since it's Mikkeller behind it, there will naturally be plenty of Mikkeller's world-famous beers on the menu. Færgekroen is not only an inn but also a small brewery. Therefore, Mikkeller will brew a new beer, which will only be brewed and available at Færgekroen, as well as seasonal beers that change with the seasons, in addition to the regular selection of around 20 taps. There are also plans to invite guest brewers from around the world to create unique beers for the inn. Both food and beer are intended to be something both Danish and foreign tourists travel to experience, but it will also be a relaxed place where one can sit down with a cold draft beer before Friday concerts.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, the man behind Mikkeller, says about the ambitions at Færgekroen:

"It has long been a dream for us to open a restaurant in Tivoli. So when we got the chance to take over such an iconic establishment as Færgekroen, we had no doubts. The goal is for Færgekroen with Mikkeller at the helm to become one of the country's best inns – with its own microbrewery, authentic pub food, and a relaxed atmosphere where both young, old, regulars, and tourists have a good experience."

Mikkel Ustrup, Tivoli's high-end director, says about the new tenant at Færgekroen:

"We are very happy with the collaboration, which undoubtedly can help elevate the gastronomic level in Tivoli. Our goal is for the food and drinks to be attractions in themselves, something people come to Tivoli to experience on par with rides and concerts, and here Mikkeller's brand fits in perfectly. It stands for high quality and innovation, and has a good reputation worldwide. We hope that Færgekroen will become a popular meeting place for both families and concert-goers as well as foodies and beer enthusiasts of all ages."

About Færgekroen

When Tivoli opened its gates on May 4th in sunny weather in 1934, an old idyllic fishing village was erected along the shores of Tivoli Lake. Old yellow and white half-timbered houses, with walls where the lime peeled off and with red tile roofs glimmering in the sun, formed Tivoli's new Fisherman's Village. In the middle of the Fisherman's Village lay Færgekroen. Færgekroen was built as an old inn with a beamed ceiling and brown panels, a smoke-stained fireplace, and waiters in checkered dresses running around with beer mugs, sausages, and mustard. The building was supposed to only stand for a single season, but Færgekroen was an immediate success and this year celebrates its 90th birthday.In 1934, hungry children and adults could eat Færge-labskovs, a favorite among guests, but also Shrimp à la Gerhard (1 DKK), a cold pork chop (0.75 DKK), and Hungarian goulash. After many years of service in Tivoli, Færgekroen was completely renovated in 2021, when an entirely new inn was hoisted into the Garden.

About Mikkeller

Mikkeller is the story of a young, beer-loving math and physics teacher who began experimenting with hops, malt, and yeast in a small kitchen in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, in 2003. Today, Mikkel Bjergsø and Mikkeller export beer to 40 countries worldwide and operate just as many bars, restaurants, and beer shops. With its imaginative and constant development, Mikkeller is a brewery that has gained broad international recognition for both innovation and quality. In addition to the beer, creative collaborations are a key element of Mikkeller's brand. Mikkeller collaborates with everything from world-famous Michelin restaurants and other fantastic breweries to designers, wine producers, entertainment giants, artists, and rock stars. Previous collaborators include Budvar, Warner Bros., David Lynch, B&O, Danish Refugee Council, Burger King, Irma, The National, Rick Astley, Scandinavian Airlines, Uerige, Gaffel, Koks, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Weingut Meierer, and many more..